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“My session with Gerard enabled me to realize that several aspects
of my present situation which I considered negative and immutable,
could be looked at differently.   With thought-provoking questions,
he encouraged me to look beneath the surface to develop a more
optimistic outlook. He was a very good listener.  His tone and general
demeanor communicated an attitude of sincere concern, giving me
confidence to articulate my feelings.  At the close of the session
I was left with a feeling of hope and optimism.”

- C. Cooper

“Earlier this year I had a few sessions of life coaching with Gerard.
I found him to be, first of all, a good listener.  Through the questions
he put to me, I was able to get a pretty good picture of what actually was my situation,
see what I wanted to achieve, and formulate a plan to get me there.  He was not intrusive, nor did I feel pressured into anything.  He did not make me feel bad because I did not meet all my goals for the week, but was able to help me understand why I did not meet my goals, and made suggestions as to what else I can do…because of his assistance, I have made positive changes in my life.”

- Joanne Stone

“Gerard is an amazing coach and I highly recommend him. He has a wonderful sense of intuition from which his poignant questions always hit their mark. In addition, he is very forward-thinking, which allows me to creatively develop my own solutions for moving forward and reaching my goals.  Gerard is a great listener and creates an environment in which I feel safe to fully express myself without judgment. He is quick to point out how my own inner critic affects me and reminds me of my inner strengths which allows me to get unstuck and move forward. I look forward to every session with Gerard and always finish feeling renewed! Thank you, Gerard”

- Alan R., Boston

"As I navigated my way through a myriad of activities, life events and potential pursuits, working with Gerard really helped me to reassess and focus on what was most important in my life during a time of significant transition and challenge.  He was supportive and compassionate, reflecting back to me the high levels of functioning that I was experiencing and care that I was giving to others.  Through all of these discussions, I was able to pause and breathe, all the while Gerard skillfully encouraged my discovery of needing to give myself the same level of care as I was giving to others and to acknowledge all that I was doing for others at work and in my personal life.  Working with Gerard resulted in my more purposeful and proactive pursuit of self-care while caring for others as well as the de-emphasis of things and people less important in the grand scheme of my life.  It was really a meaningful experience. Thank you very much. "

- R. Cook, HR Executive

I worked with Gerard as my executive coach for a period of about 3 months. My motivation for engaging his services was to help me move forward with my career which was in a bit of a stall for reasons I could not figure out. Gerard was able to help me change my way of thinking about myself and my job and this led to a whole new world of opportunities for me. Working with Gerard was actually life changing in many ways. My confidence is high and my goals are clear, the overall result has been a new job in the exact area of my interest. I could not have achieved this without the guidance and teaching Gerard provided to me. If you have ever thought of hiring a coach for personal or business, Gerard is my number 1 recommendation!

-P. Pusateri, Portfolio Manager, McCormick & Co. Inc.

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